Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Update on the Production of Manuela Blayne

Manuela Blayne, the fourth book in the Covington Chronicles, can be ordered now as a Kindle book. Also it will soon be available in paper form. A proof copy is in the mail for a final review. The audible version, which is in production, should be available before Christmas. Victoria Phelps, who has a perky, young voice, will narrate it.

Manuela, whose grandparents were born into slavery, lives the life of a typical young girl. She is full of enthusiasm, despite some obvious health problems. When she comes to live with her grandparents, she becomes acquainted with Trudy Cameron of The Dream Bucket. All is well  until a dreadful event occurs in Manuela's life.

Trudy tells the story in first person. In the meantime, Trudy is swinging like a pendulum between childhood and adolescence. Sometimes mischievous and sometimes sad, Trudy explores her world. She often surprises herself and those in her family.

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