Friday, October 23, 2015

Eleven days until Manuela Blayne Appears on Amazon as a Kindle Book

I'm not sure when the paper copy of Manuela Blayne will be released, but it will be soon.

During the countdown, I'm sharing little tidbits from the chapter that corresponds with the day. Here's something from Chapter Eleven:

(King, the faithful and intelligent dog, is protecting Trudy from danger. Trudy is the narrator.)

Up the way along the path, King stepped in front of me and emitted his low menacing growl.

It reminded me of the day back when we were living in the cabin and we left King to guard the field peas we’d picked.
That day when Mama, Billy Jack and me came back to get them, King stood in the middle of the road. Two men . . . I think they were J. V. Milford’s two oldest sons . . . were clearing out of King’s way.

             That was then, but now King was growling and I didn’t see anyone. On the path that Sunday afternoon, nobody was there, but King sensed someone’s presence. He raised his hackles and scraped sand. Whenever he growled from the bottom of his throat as he was doing then, he meant business. 

Click on the picture below to pre-order or just to read more about the book.

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