Thursday, October 29, 2015

Five More Days Until Manuela Blayne Is Released as a Kindle Book

Eating Clay

When I was a young girl, some of my friends ate clay. One girlfriend wanted me to try it, but I didn't have the courage.   

Chapter Five of Manuela Blayne shows the practice of eating clay. 

From Chapter Five:

Manuela—where was she? I turned around in time to see her insert a ball of clay into her mouth. She chewed and swallowed it. “This stuff tastes too good. I been wanting some of it.”
“What are you doing?” I didn’t mean to raise my voice.
“I’m eating me some clay. It’s good for you.”
“No.” Bailey curled her lip.
Manuela held a glob near my mouth. “You got to taste it, Trudy.”
Since she insisted and because she was our new friend, I took a nibble. “Ahrr.” I heaved. “It’s awful.”
“No, it tastes fine.”
I choked, coughed, and spit. Shaking my head and spitting again, I tried to get rid of it. The taste wouldn’t leave my mouth. “What in the world? How do you do this?”
“You don’t like it ’cause you still a little girl. I didn’t start liking it either ’til I growed into a woman.”
Bailey started to put a pinch of it into her mouth.
“No, Bailey. You really won’t like it.” I reached to stop Bailey’s hand.
“Just wait.” Manuela’s voice became mystical. “When you start having your monthlies, you’ll find out it’s good. It’ll make you feel better like medicine.”
“Monthlies?” Bailey screwed up her face. “What do you mean—monthlies?”
I whispered to Bailey, “She’s talking about something we’re not supposed to know about.”
“I’m sorry. I’m talking about the curse.” Manuela lowered her head. “When you bleed every month.”
My sister and I stood as silent as stones. Tears glistened in Bailey’s eyes.


Here's an article that explains most of the reasons people eat clay.

Eating Clay

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