Saturday, October 24, 2015

Ten Days Until Manuela Blayne Is Released

On November 3, 2015, Manuela Blayne will be released as a Kindle book. I don't know yet whether the paper book will be ready by then.

Here's a quote from Chapter Ten:

Neither did they know how many ways she suffered. I doubted they realized how I felt the pain . . . how Will, Buddy, and Bailey shared the hurt. Especially Bailey. Parents were supposed to know everything, but they didn’t.
I thought I’d lose my mind, but nobody talked to me. Every minute when I didn’t have a chore, I played the piano. The music took me away from the questions.

Every Thursday afternoon, Papa took us kids to town. He dropped me off at Miss Caroline’s. While I had my lesson, the others shopped at the Mercantile. 

The picture below is the link to Amazon that allows you to pre-order Manuela Blayne:

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