Friday, October 30, 2015

Four days until Manuela Blayne appears as a Kindle book

Because Hereschel Blayne made and sold whiskey and wine, Manuela's grandparents lived in a better house then most of their neighbors. They also had a decent road. Still they knew poverty. They papered their walls with newspapers. If they could have afforded a can of paint, they would have been accused of being uppity when they painted the exterior. Life really was that hard, and conditions stayed the same through the middle of the twentieth century.

In Chapter Four, Trudy and Bailey visit Manuela in her grandparents' home for the first time:

Yellowed newspapers fastened to the walls served as a covering. “How smart!”
“Yeah. I wanted some wallpaper like Mama has in her house, so Granny made some out of newspapers.”
“Do you think it will last very long?” I couldn’t resist asking.

“It don’t matter.” Manuela shrugged her shoulders. “When this wears out, we’ll tear it down and put up some more.”

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