Monday, October 26, 2015

Eight Days from Manuela Blayne: A Life Apart (Covington Chronicles Book 4) Kindle Edition

In eight days, Manuela Blayne will be a Kindle book available to read. It will be a time to catch up on the life of Trudy, who tells the story, as well as the other Camerons and Bentons.

Here's a little exerpt from Chapter Eight. In this chapter a new character, Hannah Jean, appears.

I was glad Mama busied herself working so she’d quit prodding. By the time we hung the diapers on the clothesline, the Model T came percolating up the road. In the front sat Hannah Jean, the kids were smushed into the back.

Hannah Jean had worked for Mama a few times before. Mama didn’t take in sewing any more. For Hannah Jean she’d make an exception. Hannah Jean would wash and iron our clothes while Mama would sew this woman, who was a professional maid, a pretty dress to wear to church.

Miss Hannah Jean didn’t talk much, didn’t have children in her house, didn’t like having children underfoot. Four days a week—Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday—fine cars would come from town to take her to work and bring her home. When Hannah Jean worked in town, she always wore a starched and ironed white uniform. 

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