Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Dream Bucket is free for a few days.

Why Give Away My Most Successful Book?

The Kindle form of  The Dream Bucket is free for a short time. This special started today, March 15, 2017.  Amazon KDP, the publisher of The Dream Bucket (Kindle) allows participating authors to give away free downloads of books a few days each year. Since Amazon encourages me to give it away, I do.

Some of my successful author friends also give their books away. One told me that she gets more reviews that way. The Dream Bucket has 206 reviews, and it could use some more. Most of its reviews honor the book and humble me in my attempts to write.

I wrote The Dream Bucket in the style I desired. It opens with a vision of a ten-year-old, who is lost in an adult world full of tragedy, grief, and threats. Then it switches to the point of view of her mother, who faces the same world. The story delves into the minds of villains—one of them is likeable despite his horrible behavior. The bucket appears late in the story, and there is the question for the reader: what would you do if you suddenly had more money than you need?

Despite the glowing reviews, some people confuse me. I’m not sure why some people write the reviews they do. For example, the latest review is a one-star one-liner, which says, “Have not read it yet.”  So I need you to read it and give an honest review.

But the main reason I’m giving it away is that I just want you to read this story.

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