Friday, March 17, 2017

10 Ways the Story of The Dream Bucket Shows How to Increase Wealth

Heed what you read in The Dream Bucket to grow your wealth
It's more than a romance, and yet having what  you need is romantic.

Realize wealth is more than money, but the book shows how to grow your money. (Nobody said these methods would be easy.) The methods have no certain order because they overlap. For maximum results, follow all 10 all the time.
1.       Develop love and trust with your loved ones. Try to trust them enough to be able to share financial information with them. 
2.       Enjoy what you have. Plan what you spend and stay within the budgeted amount, if possible.
3.      Look around and use wisdom. Don’t get so caught up in the daily that you lose sight of the overall picture.
4.       Work hard for what you need.
5.       Be imaginative. Try to find creative ways to use your resources.
6.       Share. Be generous.
7.       Keep your obligations.
8.       Don’t brag. Avoid flaunting your wealth.
9.       Tithe on a regular basis.
10.   Save a designated amount on a regular basis. Use good judgment about investing and saving the money.

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