Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. May the snakes stay out of your path.

Today, March 17, 2017, you can get The Dream Bucket free as a Kindle book.  In addition to the snakes, bears, and bobcats, I’ve poured quite a bit of love into this book, which involves children but it is not for children to read alone. It’s a family story about love, grief, pregnancy, nightmares, and broken dreams hungering to be restored.
St. Patrick Never Went to Dream Bucket Country.
           Mississippi is full of snakes, and so is The Dream Bucket.  I don’t like snakes, but I find them fascinating to write about.

Sometimes they are harmless. The six-year-old twins lie on a pallet underneath a tree.  Buddy, the boy, looks up at branch of the tree.
 “See that little green snake?”
“I see him,” Bailey said.
“He won’t bother us if we leave him alone.”
Other times the snakes are so dreadful I tremble.
Elvin, an intruder in a territory not claimed by human beings, slithered deeper into the thick water until he met a serpent face-to-face. A fat green-gray snake on a limb turned to face Elvin. Quick as a blaze, the creature stuck out his needle-thin tongue, retreated it, and opened his white mouth. Fangs aimed for Elvin as the moccasin slapped his jaws shut.
How he dodged the snake he wasn’t sure. “Lord! I’m calling out to you . . .  like I never have before. Save me. Oh, please save me. Deliver me from this snake. I’ll be good to my wife and children. I’ll stop cussing and stealing.”
The moccasin didn’t move again.
“I’ll head back home right now, dear God. Just send this snake somewheres else.”
Elvin is so bad we don’t care if the snake bites him, but I can’t help being upset when a rattlesnake as long as a hoe handle attacks the Camerons’ lovable dog.
Too bad, isn’t it, that St. Patrick didn’t run away the snakes of Mississippi? Oh, how I'm hoping  you won't miss my free gift to you from Dream Bucket Country!

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