Friday, July 03, 2015

Interesting Historical Events of the First Decade of the Twentieth Century

1900—The United States acquired its first submarine.
1900—The Galveston Hurricane killed over 6,000 people.
1900—Carrie Nation smashed a bar in Kansas in her fight against alcohol.
1901—The Ladies Home Journal was first published.
1902—Free rural delivery of mail became part of the United States postal system.
1903—The first Model A was produced.
1903—The Wright brothers flew the first plane.
1904—Ice cream cones were introduced at the St. Louis World’s Fair.
1904—The National Child Labor Committee initiated a campaign against oppressive child labor.
1905—The first Nickelodeon opened in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Here People could view a short movie for a nickel.
1906—An earthquake and a fire destroyed most of San Francisco.
1906—The Federal Food and Drug Act made it illegal to sell foods inappropriately labeled.
1907—Immigration peaked to 1907. Most of these immigrants came from eastern and southern Europe.
1908—The first Model T was produced.
1909—Instant coffee was introduced.
1910—The world population reached 1.5 billion people.
The events on the above list were selected to show what life was like back then.

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