Friday, July 10, 2015

Exciting News about The Courtship of Miss Loretta Larson

The Courtship of Miss Loretta Larson  has begun the process today of becoming an Audible book. Rosie Buhrer, who designed the cover for the Kindle version, will redesign the cover to meet the specifications for a recorded book. This time we're replacing Loretta's beautiful face with a vase of roses.

A note about Rosie: She is a graphic artist, editor, seasoned authority about writing skills, published author, dear friend, and mentor of successful writers.

EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT: Jodi Hockinson has agreed to narrate The Courtship of Miss Loretta Larson. She will begin recording this week. Did I say I'm excited? Jodi brings what Loretta needs to jump off the page and into the listeners' ears. She is reading this story in the tone of a charming Southern woman of a hundred years ago. We'll enjoy her interpretation. It's like going to a play. I love recorded books!

Jodi's Credentials: She does voice overs, tells stories, produces informative and motivational books, as well as romance and video.

If you don't have this second book in the Covington Chronicles a series including Secret Promise and The Dream Bucket, click on this picture to get a copy of the book:

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