Thursday, July 23, 2015

Clay Lomakayu, the Producer of The Dream Bucket

The Dream Bucket, a novel published in December 2014, tells about a young girl, Trudy Cameron, who copes with the loss of most things she held dear. It is also the story of her mother, Zoe. 
Professional actor and narrator Clay Lomakayu has produced The Dream Bucket as an Audible book.
Go to this link to hear a five minute sample: The Dream Bucket, Audible
Clay Lomakayu has an outstanding repertoire of recorded books, including Nelson Mandela: The Life and Legacy of the Father of South Africa and Preface to Lonesome Dove. In his own words, Clay tells about himself and the experience of recording The Dream Bucket:
The poetics and excellence of writing would draw the narration through me so that narrating The Dream Bucket becomes more than reading but a journey. And the content of the journey reveals challenges that we all face in life and that through our faith in something greater than our everyday self we can move through the difficulties with some form of our own Dream Bucket at the end. Mary Lou Cheatham used the dynamics of family and friends and specifically the lives of children to bring these themes to life.
The Dream Bucket is a warm-hearted, superbly written story that anyone who enjoys stories with heart would enjoy. In addition, it reveals a way of life in the South at a time when technology, such as the automobile was just emerging.
Because I narrate in the moment without preconception of what lies ahead, each time I turn the mic on I am stepping into the unknown where I have to surrender to the words. This becomes a tricky balance of spontaneity and staying with the text. I narrate in a way that I am not separate from the book. I am as much a character, even when it’s third person, as the actual characters of the book.

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