Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Few Thoughts about Book Reviews

In our world of instant communication, reviews have become important.  Writers, publishers, producers, agents, and other readers pay careful attention to what reviewers say or don't say.

A review is somewhat like a tip at a restaurant. It isn't necessary. A tip isn't even expected in fast food places. Writers certainly don't expect reviews from all their writers, but a carefully thought-out review is a tip in the sense of a suggestion. It's a chance for the reader to leave a tip about what was good and what could be improved.

A review doesn't need to be long; however, a carefully crafted, accurate review can be a work of literary art within itself.

A review should tell the truth in kind words. It shouldn't contain exaggerations.

A review should reflect good etiquette in the sense that the reviewer is tactful. Maybe some writer has worked for years on a book. An inconsiderate reviewer, who ignores all the good in a book, can virtually shred it with unkind remarks.

A review should not be placed after a work for the purpose of destroying the author.

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