Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Title of a New Book

 I’m working on the next book in the Covington Chronicles series. It is not a sequel to Travelers in Painted Wagons on Cohay Creek by Sarah Walker Gorrell and Mary Lou Cheatham (me). It’s simply the next book in order. I’m missing Sarah, but she’s busy with something else now. I’m halfway through this book. We plan to write two more books together soon.

My current project is about seven peculiar people, who populate an empty house. Considering the facts I wrote in the previous sentence, I’ve worked hard on a title. Suggestions are welcome.  If you are not already my friend, you can find me on Facebook as Mary Cooke (Mary Lou Gregg Cheatham) and friend me.

First, I thought I’d call it House of Assorted Souls, but the name sounded odd. I considered House of Joy, because it is a story of people looking for togetherness, love, joy, and contentment. Online I discovered that name is associated with some restaurants serving ethnic cusine, also with brothels. I scratched it from the list.

The folks in the story dream about the prospects of a happy life. I considered 7 Souls a-Dreaming. The name is so ancient it sounds medieval. Besides, I wasn’t sure whether to capitalize the a.
7 Peculiar Souls, House of Seven, 7 off the Wall, 7 Cracker Jacks—all these names have been scratched,  along with half a dozen more I willed to forget. The story is not comedy, but it is a light-hearted approach to some serious struggles. The characters are exceptional, unique, and extraordinary. Those three words, though, would not appeal as a title to many readers.

Now I’m considering House of Contentment, which is the place where all seven people would like to live if they can overcome multiple adversities.

As I said, suggestions are appreciated.

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