Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Fantastic Recording of Travelers in Painted Wagons Soon to Be Released

Sarah Walker Gorrell and I are excited that Travelers in Painted Wagon on Cohay Creek Travelers in Pained Wagons on Cohay Creek will soon become an Audible book. 

Jodi and Craig Hockinson are recording it. Craig reads as an adult version of Jeremy Smitherlin. His performance reminds me of the narrator on The Waltons, not that he sounds like the Waltons' narrator, but that he takes the position of an adult recalling what happened years ago. He has an articulate, sophisticated voice that is easily understood. Jodi reads the chapters told in women’s points of view. She makes the Romani and southern women come alive. To put it simply, Jodi “does voices.” She can act all sorts of parts.

So far Jodi and Craig have recorded the first thirteen chapters of Travelers in Painted Wagons on Cohay Creek. I can’t wait to share the recording with you.

A little background about Jodi and Craig:
Jodi Hockinson of  Southeast Media Productions

Her narrations of these two books are well performed. Jodi can speak in several voices. She can act any part she wishes. Both these books are recorded in deep southern voices. She brings these two novels to life. Listeners continue to download and enjoy these, which are available at Audible and Amazon.

As I worked with Jodi, I learned that her husband, Craig Hockinson, also records books. Southeast Media Productions is their own company. They have the equipment and technology needed to produce and record various types of spoken products, including commercials, book trailers, and books.

Jodi and Craig are generous, wonderful people. After producing two books for me, they produced a trailer for The Covington Chronicles before Sarah and I wrote Travelers, which is the fifth book in the series. 

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