Monday, January 16, 2017

A Prayer of Nehemiah, the Birth of Leadership Is the Number One Free Business Leadership How-To Manual on Amazon

Back in 2010, the book of Nehemiah caught my attention. It’s a story of how an humble man wanted to help his people. He was living in a luxurious palace, where all his needs were met. One of his duties was to smile to keep the king happy, but he couldn’t.

The king asked, “Nehemiah, why do you frown all the time? I know you’re not sick.”

Nehemiah said, “Why should my face not look sat when Jerusalem, the city where my ancestors are buried, has been destroyed by fire and lies in ruins?” (paraphrase of Nehemiah 2:3)

Reading that little book, I noticed what a powerful leader Nehemiah became and the way he always prayed before he did anything. He wanted to lead his people to return to Jerusalem and build a wall around it.

No one endorsed this book. My late cousin Janice, whose opinions I always respected, read it and said it was valid and inspirational. No one has ever reviewed the book. It is a little thirty-four-page Kindle book written as an instructional manual on how to be a leader.

Rarely has it sold or been downloaded over the last seven years.For a few days I’m offering it as a free download. Now, it has reached number one, not just in the Christian literature category but in business leadership.


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