Sunday, November 27, 2016

On Cyber Monday--a Christmas Gift to You

Cyber Monday, 2016, I’m giving away all the Kindle books I can. Abi of Cyrene is a story of life in the first century A.D. It’s a good one to read at Christmas because Abi faces the ultimate question: how will she relate to the Messiah?

Here are some comments readers have made about Abi of Cyrene:
“I caught onto the writing style. It was a great read—even through the tears shed at the more than real description of Passover events.”
“Informative, entertaining, and inspiring...”
“A beautiful story about a young woman forced to leave her native country...”
“Excellent book—shows a lot of research into the world of that time...”
“Wonderful book...”
“A faithful and complex woman with who modern Christian women can identify...”
“It would make a great movie.” 

Please take a minute to download Abi of Cyrene, which is a Christmas gift to you. 

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