Saturday, September 19, 2015

Planning an Audible Version of Secret Promise

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Caroline Clemons is talking.

Actually, Jodi Hockinson is talking in Caroline's place. This weekend Jodi is working on her project of narrating Secret Promise.

Since this book has another publisher, I do not have the right to place the cover on the Audible version. Therefore John Cooke has designed another cover. 

I've been asking the Taylorsville and Smith County Friends, a group on Facebook, about what should be on the new cover. First, John and I wanted a feist dog, but the group (and Jodi) felt the dog wasn't quite right for the cover, because Bruiser, the feist dog, is not the central character.

Then I decided to use a picture of a house similar to the one Caroline lived in. The problem is that someone remodeled the house, and the roof was an anachronism.
House: iStock 01-06-13 © akaplummer
Cover: John Cooke
I asked John to change the picture to black and white. He also edited it so the roof is less obvious. The result of the cover for the future audio book has a mysterious appearance. In the backstory of Secret Promise, Chad Clemons, Caroline's father, built the house in 1905. I wanted it to look new, but I wanted the picture to look old.

Someone suggested we remove the Spanish moss and put a magnolia tree in front. Although the house had a magnolia tree in the front yard to the right of the picture, Secret Promise also has Spanish moss in the story. The horses eat it. Mississippi does have quite a bit of Spanish moss hanging from trees throughout the state.

Secret Promise, which is the first of the Covington Chronicles, has already been published in paper and Kindle versions..

Click on the picture below to read more about the story.

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