Monday, September 21, 2015

Memories Leading to Secret Promise

In Secret Promise, the long way around to Rachel and George's house was secluded and romantic. There was a bridge where lovers liked to stop and sit.  Who went with Jacob MacGregor in his surrey to sit on that bridge?   I can't spoil the story for you.
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I remember a bridge on The Old Road to Taylorsville. When I was a child, our school bus driver used to take  that road. The beavers would build a dam and cause water to flood the bridge.

We would be forced to take a detour until the county broke the dam and repaired the bridge.

Also, I have a funny memory of finding a certain relative sitting on that bridge with her boyfriend in his pea-green Chevrolet.

I wonder whether any of my friends from Taylorsville ever sat on the bridge on The Old Road with their dates just to study the beavers in the creek.

In a few weeks the Audible version of Secret Promise will be available. Jodi Miller Hockinson is recording it She is portraying the voices of the different characters in an amazing fashion--very convincing.

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