Thursday, September 17, 2015

Miss Loretta Larson has been busy.

Miss Loretta Larson leads a busy life. She first appeared in Secret Promise, the initial novel in The Covington Chronicles. Then she told her story in her own words in the Kindle version of The Courtship of Miss Loretta Larson.  Some of my critics tell me this is their favorite of all my books.

Not long ago, Jodi Hockinson, an accomplished narrator, produced her story in Audible form, available on Amazon, Audible, and I-Tunes. Audible gave me some codes, which allow listeners to download the book for free. Right now, September 17, 2015, I have a few codes I'd love to give to anyone who'd like to listen and post a review. Just message me on Facebook in a private message First come, first serve.

Go here to listen to a sample:The Courtship of Miss Loretta Larson, Audible

Loretta makes a cameo appearance in The Dream Bucket too.

Next year she may make be transformed into a paperback book.  She's been wanting to go to Italy or Texas.

The last time I saw her she was starring in a film on You Tube.Video of Miss Loretta Larson by Craig and Jodi Hockinson

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