Monday, September 21, 2015

Loretta Larson's Adventures

Loretta Larson had some frightening times.   In my mind's eye, I can see all the horrendous circumstances she endured in one day. As you listen to Jodi Hockinson's recording, I hope you will step into Loretta's life and see how it all turned out.

Here's a short excerpt from The Courtship of Miss Loretta Larson

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Then came the hail, hurled rocks of ice showing no mercy. Esther curled tight again, and I curled up too, tucking her underneath my arm. The sound of the child screaming above the roar of the storm made me feel faint.

As quickly as it had approached, the storm passed on. Clouds, leaving bright sunshine, rolled away.

Esther wiggled. “Can we stand up now?”

“Yes.”Slipping in the red clay mud, we climbed out of the ditch.

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Esther backed toward me. “Look at that.”

A discarded snakeskin, sloughed and left empty, lay stretched at least four feet in the side of the bank. The residual moisture gave it the appearance of etched crystal.

Loretta and her young friend Esther found themselves in the presence of Trudy and Zoe from The Dream Bucket. Loretta's story precedes The Dream Bucket, but each story is complete and stands alone.

Click on the picture below to hear a sample of Jodi Hockinson's authentic Southern reading.

 Cover by Rosie Buhrer

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