Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The blessings of The Dream Bucket overflow.

Four thousand books currently wait at Amazon to be selected by professional producers to record them. I'm amazed that The Dream Bucket caught the attention of a very gifted and highly trained professional book producer, Clay Lomakayu. He is an actor, singer, teacher, storyteller and public speaker. For many years he was a narrator and entertainer on the Verde Canyon Railroad.

Clay has completed his reading of approximately one fourth of The Dream Bucket.  He is scheduled to complete the audiobook by July 31, 2015, but he's ahead of schedule. His interpretation of the book is entertaining and insightful. I'm at a loss of words to tell you what a remarkable job he is doing. He says he is living the book.

After Clay auditioned to read the book and I offered him a contract, Amazon selected the book to receive a stipend. All this simply means the person I select for this book will receive an additional payment for producing it. Since authors are currently offering 4,000 books to be read, I'm both honored and humbled that Amazon placed a green ribbon on this book to indicate it will have a stipend.

John Cooke designed the cover for the Kindle version of The Dream Bucket. He redesigned it because the audio version requires a square cover. Also he added Clay's name as the reader.

Amazon, I-tunes, and Audible  will make the audio version of The Dream Bucket available. This version should be available by early August, 2015.

The new cover designed by John:

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