Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 17, The Dream Bucket

The Dream Bucket is not an autobiography, but it is impossible for me to write without having inspiration from my life. 

This book I dedicated to my sister,  Ruth Ishee. When I first started writing it, she listened to the entire first draft on the phone. She lives in Mississippi, and I live in Louisiana. Although she knew the story was not a biography, she understood it so well that she often told me what I'd left out and what I should include next. Reading this book with her will always be one of my dearest sweet memories. As you might suspect, there were events in the story that were meaningful in our lives.

For me it commemorates my dear brother Buddy, whose birthday is today. Two young boys are characters in The Dream Bucket. One of them is named Buddy. Another one, whose name is Billy, has the character, humor, and mischievous streak that my brother Buddy had as a child. 

The audio version of The Dream Bucket is in production. Yesterday, John Cooke redesigned the cover, which is now square and contains the name of the actor, who is recording the book.  Soon, I'll share more exciting news about the production. 

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