Tuesday, June 30, 2015

July 1 and 2, the Kindle E-Book version will be free on Amazon.

Spending time writing fiction, I've learned some things about living. Sometimes it appears that writers are hermits, spending hours tucked away in their private places clicking keys on laptops.

Such an image of writers is accurate, but by looking more closely, I've discovered that writers experience their lives in a more vivid world than they would if they didn't write. They create situations, characters, and plots with more intensity sometimes than what goes on around them.

Also I've learned that writers need people . . . friends, people who read, and people who write. Right now, I need a little help with something. Actually The Dream Bucket needs your help. 

Thousands of you have selected it to read. I'm grateful and amazed. Clay Lomakayu, an outstanding actor, has narrated 39 of the 40 chapters. He chose the book because  he liked the world he saw in it from the beginning. At the end of reading it he says, it "teaches the basic principles of moral and compassionate behavior." 

I hope it entertains and shows ways to cope with some of life's most challenging struggles. I believe Trudy, Zoe, and Sam will fill your heart with the joy of being alive. It's story about two families in rural Mississippi in the early 1900's.  Life wasn't simpler, but it was closer to the earth. 

Amazon is awarding a stipend to the narrator because, according to Amazon, The Dream Bucket has potential. In the fine print, Amazon warns they could changer their mind. Oh, no! Amazon looks carefully at the number of reviews when it awards hundreds of dollars to promote a book.

As I said, thousands have read it, but only 34 readers have reviewed it on Amazon.  I need you to review it if you haven't already.  Short reviews, long reviews--it doesn't matter. Or if you don't feel like reviewing, please vote or comment on some other people's reviews.

July 1 and 2, 2015, the Kindle E-Book version will be offered free on Amazon. If you missed it, please download a free copy. You can view it on your computer or other electronic device.


The scheduled date for releasing the audio book is August 1, but we are almost a month ahead of schedule. Hearing the book read by an expressive voice brings it alive. I can't wait to share the spoken book with you. It will be available on I-Tunes, Audible, and Amazon.

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