Monday, April 10, 2017

What I Didn’t Eat—Food Left on the Table

One more time I’m trying to change my lifestyle. I realized last week that I’m running out of opportunities.

One method to reduce food consumption is to take a picture of all the food—plated or unplated—you eat in a day’s time. Near the end of the day you can calculate your food values, or maybe you can realize when you’ve eaten enough.

But I don’t want to....

My doctor strongly suggested I cut back on the consumption of carbohydrates. Another method to reduce my intake of food blossomed out of that suggestion.

I’m photographing what I don’t eat.

For example, in a restaurant I’m routinely served rice, potatoes, crackers, and bread I don’t need. I’ve decided to photograph what I don’t eat. Yesterday, Sunday, I ate lunch in a group of four. Two of us decided to leave off the bread. Here’s the picture.

Today my sweetheart parked his car 2000 steps away from the restaurant where we wanted to go for lunch. We walked, and when we arrived we had salads. The server brought me three packages of crackers. Here’s a picture.

I’ve tried to hide any brand identification because I don’t want to cast an aspersion on these lovely crackers—some of my favorites.

Calculating on my phone, I realized that if I walked 10,000 steps more than my accustomed 4,000 per day and omitted 300 calories of carbohydrates each day, I can achieve my ideal weight within one year.

I’d love for you to send comments here or to post on Facebook what you didn’t eat.


Mary Lou Cheatham and Sarah Walker Gorrell are the authors of Travelers in Painted Wagons on Cohay Creek.

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