Sunday, April 09, 2017

Lost Collard Crop

What could be healthier than growing your own collards in the back yard?

Collard greens benefit the health of those who eat them. They’re loaded with vitamins and minerals. Constantly we hear that we should eat food grown close to home.

In the past years, I’ve grown wonderful collards in my yard—plenty of them.
 This year I planted collard greens in only two clay pots on the little two-feet-high brick wall on the edge of the patio.
  We’ve been watering them, and they’ve grown beautifully.

They had been free of any of the critters that like to feast on greens.  After I went for a three-day trip out of town though, the collards took on the appearance of blue-green Swiss cheese. Some worms or something seemed to realize the collards weren’t being observed, and they moved in destroying the crop.  

It would be interesting to know what other people do to keep worms and bugs from eating the collards before the humans have an opportunity.


(Mary Lou Cheatham and Sarah Walker Gorrell are the authors of  Travelers in Painted Wagons on Cohay Creek.)

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