Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Why Children Don't Go to School Throughout the World

This month the privileged children of the United States will lug their backpacks stuffed with pencils, crayons, notebooks, glue--whatever their lists demand--and head off to school. Most of the children will wear new uniforms, or gently used ones, or they'll wear stylish clothing. On their feet, they'll have new shoes that look special. It's an exciting time.

I have a new granddaughter who will be entering first grade. She brings memories of my first day at first grade--we didn't have kindergarten in Mississippi back then. I remember how precious my own daughter looked when she started to school. We took a picture of her holding her pencil box.

Education is truly a privilege and it is the key to maintaining the future welfare of our nation...and our world. But what happens if children don't go to school? So why don't they just go to school?  I read an interesting article about why children throughout the world don't go to school. Here's the link:

10 reasons why children don’t go to school

(I am an author. One of my constant concerns is the lack of opportunities for an education among the underprivileged. Today you are invited to read for free Manuela Blayne, a novella about a young girl who didn't get to go to school.)

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