Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Louisiana Floods, August 2016

"The Louisiana flooding is likely the worst natural disaster in the United States since Superstorm Sandy hammered the East Coast in 2012, according to the Red Cross,,,,

"As many as 20,000 of the parish’s 141,000 residents had to be rescued after the area endured 25 inches of rain in just three days [in Livingston Parish]. About 5,000 residents were in shelters." The Los Angeles Times 

In the news, this story is not as compelling as the presidential election or the Olympics, but it leaves us feeling sad, helpless, frightened.  

"An elderly man drowned after slipping and falling in high waters amid heavy rain in East Baton Rouge Parish. And in St. Helena Parish, a man died when his pickup truck was swept off a flooded highway and submerged underwater, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said at a news conference today. A woman was also recovered from the Tickfaw River....

"The governor and his family were forced to leave the governor’s mansion when chest-high water filled the basement and electricity was shut off. 

"The flooding this week also closed many schools in the Baton Rouge area, including Louisiana State University." Louisiana Floods, August 2016

Relief will come we hope, weary residents will go back and clean up their homes, eventually school will start.

Please go to this link Volunteer Louisiana

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