Thursday, February 23, 2017

Secret Promise is now a Lighthouse book.

Today Westbow sent this edited cover and slightly revised text to the printers.   Notice also  on the back cover the Lighthouse emblem, which means Secret Promise will appear among the listings of Lighthouse. This change will begin in approximately 15 days.  At first, the book didn't sell well, but last year, readers discovered it. They seemed to want to go back to the beginning of the Covington Chronicles and find out how the series began. 
Caroline, whose life resembles Cinderella, has found her glass slipper.

WestBow Press presents the Lighthouse Recognition Program 

Lighthouse Recognition Program

WestBow Press supports our authors’ efforts to share God’s message with as many people as possible. To reward titles that have shown notable bookselling and marketability results and encourage their continued achievement, we created the Lighthouse Recognition Program.

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