Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Vardo Resurgence: Painted Wagons Come Back

Do you ever watch the television shows about tiny houses? Living in a tiny house is a special art in that a tiny house dweller needs to make the surroundings aesthetically pleasing so the surroundings don’t look crowded and messy. It is a science in that the dweller must provide the essentials in an efficient way in a very small space.

The Romani people (Gypsies, Travelers) mastered this skill long ago. They knew how to make their traveling wagons all that. These homes are called vardos or vardoes. Although few people live in them throughout the year, these magnificent little dwellings are making a come back.

A vardo is a wagon that people live in. Sometimes it’s called a van or a caravan. The word caravan is confusing because it can mean a group of travelers or a single wagon.. 

Here are some interesting links with some amazing pictures of vardoes.

Our new novel,  Travelers in Painted Wagons on Cohay Creek depicts Romani people living in these little portable homes in the early twentieth century.

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