Friday, October 07, 2016

Travelers in Painted Wagons on Cohay Creek, the Latest Covington Chronicle

A family in distress receives help from a surprising source. Travelers in Painted Wagons on Cohay Creek uncovers the heart and soul of the Romani people, who have suffered injustices throughout time.
Travelers is a continuation of the story of Trudy’s friend Jeremy Smitherlin as he finds himself functioning as the adult in his home because his parents have emotional and physical illnesses. Jeremy first appeared in The Dream Bucket as the slimy boy who dipped Trudy Cameron’s braids into his ink well.
He struggles to be perfect so he can win approval. The more he tries to do the right things, the more he irritates Caleb, his papa. Jeremy wants his mother to live, but she moves closer to death. Travelers (Gypsies) settle on Cohay Creek, which runs through Caleb’s farm. Walthere, the captain of the Travelers, and his wife Rosalie become friends of the family. Some of the residents of the little town of Taylorsburg don’t trust the Travelers and aren’t happy that the Smitherlins have allowed Gypsies to live so close to town. This unrest causes additional problems for Caleb, Jeremy and the Travelers.
The beautiful and sexy Ruby Felty adds intrigue to the story with her love of good-looking men. Although Jeremy would like to live an innocent, carefree life, evil adults slam him into a grown-up world. He learns about gunfights, adultery, drunkenness, physical abuse, and sarcasm.
Sometimes, despite all his problems, Jeremy has adventures that are fun, such as ice cream at the Covington dining room and soda at a store in Soso or wading in the ice-cold water near the Spillway at Gitano, Mississippi.
The old Slave Cemetery and the Mayhew house, based on an actual home near the creek, both still exist.
Sarah Walker Gorrell and I hope to have our book available before this month is over.  We're all ready to go, and we're very excited. Right now we're waiting for Hurricane Matthew to move away from our publishing house so we can send it. 
When I look at the horrendous suffering and loss of the people in the path of this giant storm, I am sorry even to mention this little delay we are going through. We grieve for those going through this loss. 

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