Monday, April 13, 2015

Jason's Deli -- I don't know of a better food bargain!

Jason's Deli is one of our favorite places to go for Sunday lunch. We almost always choose the salad bar, which is one of the best anywhere. I love the variety of cheeses.

Oh, and the hummus! I put some on a separate small plate, slice a boiled egg over it, and add a bit of olive oil from the bar. This goes well with the fantastic crackers or sliced, toasted bread.

We like to top off our meal with a complimentary ice cream cone. It's just salad, right? Not too many calories. (Tongue in Cheek)

Sometimes I go there on a week day, off hours, and get a salad or two to go. I take it home and combine whatever I get with whatever I have at home. I love to do this when guests are coming over. They're always impressed with the salad.

Other foods we like are the muffaletta, baked potato, and Reuben. These require a take-home box.

If I didn't like any of this food, I'd still go there. Jason's is a busy, exciting place full of interesting people. The waiters are always accommodating. Whether it's Jason's in Baton Rouge, Amarillo, or Shreveport, the service and food quality is always the same, always outstanding.

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