Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Some things different this Christmas

Although we try to duplicate our celebration of Christ’s birth every year, Christmas is always different.
Before I get busier with one of the most exciting Christmases I’ll ever have—our wedding with our children attending—I want to give you something.
You have today, December 9, and tomorrow, December 10, to receive it . . . two books (Covington Chronicles III and IV: The Dream Bucket, Manuela Blayneto read on your Kindle. (Maybe I’ll find something else after that to share with you.)

Trudy Cameron’s Christmas in Manuela Blayne turned into an unusual holiday she’s never forget. Here are some snippets she tells of it:
Losing my appetite, I laid my fork on my plate and closed my eyes to pray. . . . What had I done?
What good would revenge do anyway?
I wished I’d kept my mouth shut. . . . Papa took his pistol.
“Mama, could I please be excused?” I didn’t wait for her answer. I ran to my room and threw my face into my pillow. It was a relief to have a good hard cry. . . .
My door slipped open . . . . Mama walked toward my bed. She sat beside me and smoothed my hair with her gentle hand. “You worry too much, Trudy. It isn’t your responsibility to fix everything in the world.”
 “Let me brush your hair.”
“I love my new stuff.” I passed my hands over the shiny gifts. The main present I received for Christmas was a silver dresser set, which included a mirror tray with a comb, brush, hair saver, and hand mirror.
Be nice to yourself. Take time to download this Christmas present today. You can read them when you’re too tired to do anything else, or you can save them to read after the holiday.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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