Saturday, December 06, 2014

Random Thoughts

Now it's Christmas. Almost. What does it mean? What else does it mean besides the wonderful coming of the Savior to rescue us from our depravity? What I'm trying to ask is this: once we have Christ's grace, what do we do with it?

This year I'm absorbed in a project of sharing some thoughts so personal I cannot spell them out in literal terms. I need to say them in fiction. If you read my stories, you may catch a glimpse at what I want to say. Even better, you may find something within yourself that the stories evoke.

The question is often asked of writers--plot or character driven? I think my stories are setting driven. A place with a situation comes to mind. I ask who would be in that place.

Then I let them do what is natural. There is little control on my part about the outcome of writing. I wasn't always sure which man Loretta Larson would choose, and I wasn't sure how Zoe Cameron would solve her horrendous problems.

What I have observed about the heroic characters in these two books is an unselfish attitude.

Please nominate The Dream Bucket.

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