Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Great Cookbook Giveaway

Have you heard about the Great Cookbook Giveaway? It's going to make Internet marketing history.

Willie Crawford, a world-famous Internet marketer and noted cookbook
author, is asking his friends to give away electronic cookbooks. He's organizing the largest free list-building giveaway EVER.

(He's the author of the world's most famous recipe for
collard greens. You can get it in our cookbook, THE COLLARD PATCH.)

Willie and his wife Nancy have run a free recipes website for about
10 years. He told me that in November people start looking online
for holiday gift and cooking ideas.

He is expecting to have the largest free cookbook giveaway in the
history of the Internet. We're talking literally HUNDREDS of free
PDF cookbooks and cooking related ebooks.

The giveway started November 1, 2007. Go take a look. All you
need to do is drop by and get free electronic cookbooks: Great Cookbook Giveaway

Go there and get a free copy of "The Collard Notebook" and our free e-book
with reicpes from Flavored with Love.

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